Looking For The Ideal Content Writer for Your Business

By John Nummiceo

It can be a little frustrating when you need to contract out to a content writer, but you are not even sure of where to find a good one or how to make sure you have a good one. There are a bunch of little things that really matter when you are working with any freelance person. The reason this is so important is because it is your business, and you naturally want to get the job done and move forward. We know you do not want to waste time, and if you get a little knowledge about what to do and look for you can avoid that. You really can minimize, if not totally avoid, major headaches, and this article will set the groundwork for your success.

If being patient is not your strong point, then find a way to get some because it is usually a necessary factor. There is an adage with the offline world, hire slow and fire fast, and that is very true about hiring slow for any position. Take your own time and go through the applicants, view their samples, interact with them and then come to a conclusion of whether you want to hire or not. Write out a list of things you want to check and use as criteria for hiring somebody. Chances are good that you have seen the results of a person who was hired, but they were really not the best person for that job? It can be ugly, and yes we have seen it in person.

Now do you see why we strongly advise you keep the initial work to smaller packages? Then if all works out well, it is a quick decision to let them go with something more substantial.

Quite frequently we have to make compromises with situations, and so it becomes very important to discover as much about the writer before hiring. A lot about hiring any freelancer is clear expectations, and it usually just comes down to a negotiation process. What you have are two adults who are just working out the details of a professional working relationship, so it is all very doable if both sides are reasonable. Whatever you feel good about in terms of delivery, or whatever, needs to be made clear up front.

There is nothing wrong with inquiring about any reduced fees for very large content orders. Most of the freelance writers would agree to this if you can commit to providing them with a big project as that would translate to long term work. The best approach in our minds is to offer to negotiate with the writer, and you will find them generally open-minded to offers. Writers exist from the lowest of fees to exorbitant, so it really is your call about the issue of what you want to pay.

Dedication to quality is important when you're hiring a writer, because if you take quality for granted and just focus on the money then the results you get won't be that promising either. Keep in mind that both of you have reputations to consider, and so always treat people with respect and be mindful of your own reputation.

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