Learning The Craft of Cranking Out Killer PPC Ads

By Johnathon Witherite

Precision is the key factor to writing effective ad copy for your pay per click campaign. If you can get the basics right, then you'll set up the foundation for long term success with your campaign. So how do you really go about crafting a good PPC ad copy? Let's find out ...

Get In Your Customers' Shoes: It's really important to think like your customers if you want to be able to persuade them to click on your ad. When writing your ad copy, keeping your target audience's preferences in mind is essential. As soon as you're clear about the people you're targeting, you can then consider how to tailor your ad to them. If you're selling golf clubs, for example, then your ideal customers are golfers looking for new clubs. As you create your ad, keep the needs and wants of your prospect in mind.

Be Timely: Your ad copy should clearly reflect what is currently available to your readers. It's not good for your inventory to run out while your ad campaign is still running. Any time there is a change, you will need to update your ad copy. By not focusing on this one factor, many advertisers lose lots of money. You can keep it timely by pausing your campaign and making any necessary changes. You won't need to worry about this as much, however, if you're selling a product that has an unlimited supply such as an eBook.

It's simply about capitalizing the first letter of each word in your ad, except the conjunctions. But, test it out yourself and see what happens to your conversions if you do not do it. Actually, if you tried to put the entire title in all caps, Google would not approve it because it will look too spammy. What level of capitalization works for you can only be determined through some testing, but until then you should focus on title casing all your ad copies.

There are different strategies you can use with your PPC ad copy. Of course if you are providing some kind of solution, then that can work very well with any kind of advertising. What questions you can ask need to be figured out by you because only you know. Chances are not everyone else will be doing this although some will as it is known.

Actually, writing great PPC ad copy is not hard, but in the beginning it is because you have no idea; so get some knowledge about it and then some experience.

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