Is Storytelling a Natural Talent or a Proficiency That May Be Taught?

By Mathew Kulas

Anytime you assemble novelists in one place they will inevitably discuss writing. There are several kinds of writers. Those who choose to compose in long-form or can only write on an old style hand-operated typewriter. Those who write to new music, require total silence, or create best surrounded by noises. You will find the writers that have to arrange as well as sketch out the storyline before they'll start and those that find even talking about a work before it's drafted will harm their vision. But probably the most contentious controversies among writers is concerning whether or not writing is a an expertise, art or gift.

The truth is that I love to explore this controversy as I can state these different points and, depending on the way my writing is flowing at present, I could feel that one view bears more weight in my current circumstances.

I know as a teacher of composition that writing may be a proficiency. I've taken individuals, both new and experienced, who struggled with writing and assumed they'd not be competent to write -- and supplied them with essential tips and methods to be proficient writers. I've worked with proficient writers and offered these individuals the encouragement and direction they've needed to turn into seasoned authors. I've experienced such transformation more than enough to know that writing is a proficiency which might be taught.

I know as a writer, editor, and reader that storytelling can be a craft. A skilled novelist can grab our curiosity and communicate information, but a writer may also create a tale that connects with our feelings along with our minds. For those who have passed beyond merely competent to become artisans are able to create writing that does more than simply keep your interest - it will also capture your heart.

Some people argue that accomplished writers are born with this skill, however I am not positive. Maybe you could have a degree of predisposition, yet I believe that authors are created. I feel a number of writers are supremely blessed but nevertheless these special few had to foster their talent by means of years of reading, writing, and thinking.

For that reason, I think writing to be all three -- a skill, a craft as well as a talent.

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