How to Master the Basics of Copywriting

By Kieth Puppe

While copywriting is widely believed to be a rare skill, the fact is, you can learn the basics quite easily if you put your mind to it. Yes, it will take some time before you get good at it if you're a beginner, but as long as you're practicing and know the purpose behind your copy, you'll find it a lot easier to focus on creating better copy. The article below explains a few simple to apply tips that you can use right away to work on your copywriting skills as a beginner and take them to the next level.

The Beginning Sentence is Important: Aside from your headline, the beginning sentence of your copy is very vital. This is where your prospect begins reading and understanding your offer. If the first sentence of your copy is not attention grabbing, then your potential prospect will not be moved to action. Instead of creating momentum, you have to grab your prospect's attention in the very beginning. Do not try to create mystery at the start of your copy because this will not be effective. Be straightforward in your approach in the best possible way so that your prospect knows for sure what's coming up. It will take some time to persuade your prospect to make a move. But, you should get the beginning part correct before it comes to that.

Your focus, then, has to be on the actual benefits to the reader and not how great the product is in general. The more effectively you can address this question, the better your copy will convert. Always keep in mind that people don't buy products, they buy dreams. They're not interested in helping your business, but in overcoming their own challenges. It's not your company they want to invest in, but their own well being. So show them what you got, give them what they need and you'll have them eating out of your palm. Focus on the prospect and use the word "You" more than "Me" or "Us."

The Last Sentence Should be Memorable: Your final sentence is just as important as the first. Whenever you close your copy, make sure that your potential client is happy satisfied with what you are providing. Push him into taking action. This is where you must really convince your client. This is so that you don't let go of the final chance to convince your prospect about your offer.

Maintain a Single Voice: Whether consciously or not, people are aware of the style of communication in any copy; if you change this around, it can make people uneasy. Try to maintain the same voice throughout your copy so that it doesn't look or feel broken in any way. The last but not least suggestion when selling your product, is to be sure to let your prospects know as many of the benefits possible as the more they know about your product, the better the chance of making a sale.

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