How To Increase Your Sales Using Great Copywriting

By Suellen Reitz

In today's market, making a sale on the internet is not as easy as it once was. People are becoming savvier in their internet skills and with the huge selection of similar products; your product has to really stand out above the rest.

Gaining that recognition obviously means giving more value and producing better overall products than others. But that is only part of the success formula. You have to make sure your future customers know its better. This is done through a great sales page. A really good sales page is much more than a product description, picture, price and buy button.

We've all gotten the emails making claims of great riches. It sounds great, so after opening the sales page, all it turns out to be is another long sales pitch filled with empty promises and slick pictures or videos. Turn off, right? But those that really pull us in, making us want to buy... they have a secret to hook you and convince you to buy.

That secret is simply... the sales page is about the customer, not just the product. That person reading your copy has to believe the product was made for him. He has to believe the letter was written with his name on the to line...So we all know it's not possible to write a million plus versions of the same sales page... But a great copywriter knows he can connect with the IM customer by knowing that person's needs and wants. You learn this by researching your niche.

It is necessary to choose your audience within your niche very carefully. Unless you are writing to a very specific niche, almost all niches have multiple target audiences. Choose the one you believe to be your best buyers, and write directly to them. Trying to write to a generic group will only result in not pleasing anyone. Learn about your group by going to blogs and forums which are for this audience. Join the posts and identify the common needs, hot buttons and major interests.

After finding this valuable profile information, you can begin to write the sales page. Write it to those new friends you can now identify with totally. Use conversational style writing and write like you would to a friend. Don't worry about always having the best grammar...just be real. Open up in the copy and let them see a little of who you are. Help them see why you are different than the rest of the marketers trying to make a buck. And be sure and tell them why your product is the best choice.

Discovering who your potential customer is may take a little effort initially, but the end results far outweigh any negatives. Not only do you increase your will find... you make friends. And it's the lasting relationships with your customers... the trust and friendship that makes internet marketing the reward we all are striving to achieve.

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