How to Generate Long term Traffic to Your Blog

By Valorie Fugah

A blog without traffic is essentially dead. However, it does take time and effort to generate relevant traffic, especially to new blogs. However, if you put in the effort to create a strong foundation to get consistent traffic, things might look good in the long run. In the following article we looking into a few easy to apply tips that you can use right away to get some relevant traffic coming your way.

Guest Blogging is Very Powerful: There's no better way to start getting targeted traffic to your blog in a short time. Posting on a blog in your niche even once can get you the kind of attention that really helps, and the benefits are lasting. In order to take advantage of guest blogging, get in touch with other blogs in your niche, and ask them whether they would like to have you as a guest blogger. Sometimes a blog will openly invite contributions, and these are the best ones to start with. The reason why guest blogging works so well is because in a way you're leveraging someone else's asset and funneling in the traffic to your own blog. You'll also be getting the highest quality traffic by doing this, as you'd only want to write guest posts for blogs in the same or very similar niche.

Submit to Blog Carnivals: Part of a bloggers job is to keep looking for new and easy ways to drive targeted traffic to your blog. Some methods, like submitting your articles to blog carnivals related to your niche, can provide consistent traffic for your blog. You can generate a stream of relevant visitors to your blog for free every time one of your articles gets published. There are many bloggers that take advantage of blog carnivals on a regular basis, and since the traffic is targeted, you may turn a good chunk of these first time visitors into repeat visitors. One of your goals as a blogger is to get loyal readers and this method helps you gain a handful every time you post an article.

Use Offline Tactics: You may not realize it, but there are some very effective ways to build traffic to your blog while you're not even online. For one thing, you should have a professional looking business card with your blog address written on it; aside from this, you can distribute fliers, postcards or other printed items. The more ways you can think of to spread the word about your blog, including offline tactics, the more traffic you'll see. Today, anyone with a smart phone can instantly look up your blog, which is why offline marketing is now getting more practical than ever.

Controversial Posts Can Create Traffic: Many blog owners have used this tactic to gain publicity. When you get people's attention with a controversial subject, you'll often see a dramatic increase in traffic that can actually turn out to be long term. Topics of this sort are often widely searched, which means lots of new visitors can find your blog. But you shouldn't post something controversial only to get traffic, as you also want to maintain quality. At the same time that you're being controversial, also remember to keep your content helpful to your target audience. After all, if your blog post isn't giving any real value, your readers will sense it. If you make it a point to stay well informed regarding your niche, you won't have trouble finding good topics. Having the latest information will allow you to create posts that are fresh and happening.

These tips rarely fail to help generate traffic for your blog. Taking consistent action is the key to making it big with your blog. You'll be well on your way if you start using the above tips today.

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