How to be Good at Copywriting Even if You're Not a Writer

By Brian Steele

The thing about creating effective site content, or copy, is you should take the time to find out what is best to do so you have optimal results. If you want to really make your content and copy effective, then begin your journey of discovery right now.

Creating effective titles is certainly doable without all the training and years of experience, either. Even though the many non-writers think that it's a challenge to create an attention grabbing headline or title, it's not. Titles and headlines serve to filter out those who will not be interested in the offer, plus the title has to reveal a few things, too. You do have to be proactive, and one action you can take is searching for sales letters and picking apart the titles, or headlines. Professional magazines and the gossip newspapers employ writers who compose those killer headlines, and of course they are great for studying. All great titles command attention and then stimulate curiosity.It is clear that promotions for example will take advantage of this sort of marketing.

As far as your word choice is concerned, do avoid using expensive words that are usually only spoken by academics. Resist all temptation to try to impress your readers, and doing so will usually backfire on you. However, it is always up to you, and you know your self better than anyone else. There is no need, ever, to get ultra creative with any copy because it can tend to make the reader think too much which is a big mistake. If you are not sure, then read sales copy at Clickbank to get an excellent idea of what we mean.That is why projects on Commission Ignition have changed the way in which we think about things today.

Yes, business is like so many other things in life in that it can be hard and frustrating, and for most people they move on to something else. All the truly great copywriters paid hard dues to get where they are, and it took many years; but it is something you can do, too. So our point is that you will have to work, not all things will go well - but you are not allowed to quit, remember that. Keep doing what you need to do, and work on your copywriting as much as possible because it requires a time commitment.

You can find copywriting courses for total beginners and non-writers, so that is where you need to go.

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