Great Depression Memoirs Serve As A Historic Reminder

By Lillian Powell

Memoirs are short, non-fiction, first-person, written narratives, recalling events in the author's life. Great depression memoirs are nostalgic, emotive and reminiscent about the historic period from 1929 until the start of World War II. Describing the generation who grew up in the U. S. During this time of deprivation, going on to fight WWII, journalist, Tom Brokaw wrote a book honoring 'The Greatest Generation'.

The disturbing resemblance to the financial devastation seen in the 1930's has many Americans today looking to history for answers in weathering the storm. Interest in nostalgic memoirs of the depression era, look to those that employed ingenuity, courage and determination to successfully manage disillusioning hardships and provide the necessities for their families.

Hard times, yet an appreciation for what they had, served this generation well. Growing up in the depression era developed adults with strong work ethics, the discipline for saving more and spending less, the ability to live frugally yet feel satiated amongst family.

'When the going gets tough, the tough get going' is definitive for the generation of American survivors during the 1930's. That toughness put food on the table, kept families under roof and clothed, redefining the concepts of 'making do' and recycling.

Histories lessons are in the 1930's memoirs that depict a generation that defied the odds to pick up and rebuild their lives, not only as survivors, but heroes. Titled as 'The Greatest Generation', they experienced crushing financial loss, yet went on to rebuild their lives and America's greatness.

The 1930's saw life inherently more difficult than today, lacking modern conveniences. As American's have become accustomed to having it all, the times leave much to be learned from our predecessors in unfamiliar concepts of the basics, making do, hand-me-downs, budgeting and conservation.

After the stock market crashed, politicians and industrial leaders issued optimistic predictions for the economy. Yet, the depression deepened, businesses and factories closed and confidence died with life savings. That scenario feels uncomfortably familiar today, making great depression memoirs a critically important lesson worth learning.

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