Get Hollywood Script Coverage Now

By Alberta Wilson

The idea for Hollywood's next blockbuster film is in your head. Now you've got your first movie script tucked into the bottom drawer of your desk. Professional script coverage can get your screenplay out of the drawer and into the studio.

Work submitted to be turned into movies is read at a large production office or studio. At the studio, a trained reader writes up an outline of your story and reviews how well you've written characters and dialogue. This information is given to studio heads to let them know which stories to consider for next years slate of movies.

There are two kinds of reviews you can get. Standard notes are done by a studio reader when you submit your work to big studio. They read your submitted screenplay and determine if it's something they want to turn into a produced film.

Also available through web sites is reviews done for a fee by an independent reader. He or she will write up a summary for you and give you comments to help you improve your writing. This information can be misleading, though, since the reader is giving you his or her own personal comments and not giving you comments relevant to what any given studio is looking for.

Feedback from a major studio or production company is relevant in that you can read up on what that studio or company has produced in the past and submit your work to the right ones. Readers at, say, Disney Studios, are looking for family-oriented material, so you wouldn't want to submit there if you have an R-rated drama.

If you submit to an independent reader, you don't have that frame of reference. Your writing could be good but the story just doesn't appeal to that particular reader's preferences. The feedback you get won't align with any particular studio. Getting script coverage early on in your career is a valuable exercise and could lead you to make improvements in your writing to get it noticed by a reader at a major studio.

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