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By Rachael Hansen

Everyone has the idea for the next blockbuster movie in his or her head. Nearly everyone has the beginnings of a movie screenplay tucked into the secret, locked drawer of their desk. If you're one of those ambitious, yet secretive midnight screenwriters, professional screenplay coverage can get your script to the next level.

Your script should be read by a professional. He or she will write up a coverage report of the basic plot, the dialogue used and the characters. They will then write a pass, consider or recommend judgment for the script.

Two kinds of coverage are available. The standard review is provided by the readers at a Hollywood studio or production company, who read your work with an eye towards something their studio or company can develop into a film. The studio chiefs use these recommendations to figure out which scripts to buy and turn into movies.

Another variety is for a self-employed reader to review your work and for a fee, give you personalized feedback on your writing. Novice writers usually employ this type of coverage to get some much needed feedback on their writing. The drawback to this type is that the reader/writer giving you feedback is working only for themselves.

For example, if the reader works at Jerry Bruckheimer Films, which has produced such Hollywood mega-hits as Pearl Harbor and Independence Day, you can be sure he or she is looking for fast-paced, plot-driven, action-adventure stories - summer blockbusters in other words. If, on the other hand, you have the second type of reader, who is independent and reading and covering your script for a fee, you will have no idea from what point of view this person is judging your work. If they have just read fifty action scripts, they might negatively react to your action script.

The independent reader doesn't have a studio or company telling them what to look for, so it's a roll of the dice if they'll respond positively or negatively to your script. This might be of limited value to you as a writer. In any event, as a beginning or continuing writer, having another reader/writer review your work and provide comments is a valuable exercise and could lead you to make improvements in your screenplay to get it noticed by a reader at a studio.

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