Get Better Results by Improving Your Sales Copy

By Valorie Fugah

There are all sorts of different reasons that your sales copy might be failing to convert but by making improvements to your copy over time and in different ways, you can build a good and sustainable success for yourself. Your sales copy is what creates your sales and profit margin so you need to put in some real effort to make your copy as good as possible. In this article we are going to explore a few of the things that you can do to improve the performance of your sales copy.

Don't Offer Promises You Won't Keep: The basic truth of all sales copy is that readers want something from it. There's a reason why this person actually started to read your copy in the first place. Your headline grabs the attention of your prospects and the rest of your copy is supposed to support the things you write in your headlines. Your headline is vital because it is what gets the reader interested in your offer and what you have to say about it. What do you suppose will happen if your copy isn't up to par with your headlines? Your prospect will feel deceived and will obviously lose interest in what you're offering. Making outrageous claims in your headline that are far from the truth won't get you a good conversion rate, but honesty and transparency will. So make sure that the level of greatness at the beginning of your copy can last all the way until the and that is easier when you are honest and don't rely on hype.

One way to achieve this is by focusing on longevity. Why does the length of time a product is on the market make people feel better? Are there any people that are respected in your niche who have purchased your product? You need to get case studies and testimonials both from regular buyers and niche experts and feature them prominently in your copy. You need to demonstrate that your product or business has a really good and reliable history to it. Write for Real People: There is a lot being said in the SEO world about how your copy needs to have specific keywords within it. Though it is good to place keywords in your copy, you also need to remember to write for the people reading you not the search engine bots. Take as sensible an approach with this as you can because your readers aren't stupid; they want something that is interesting to read and that will convince them to buy. Let's face it, no matter how many keywords you try to stuff into your copy, if the people aren't going to read it, it's not worth it. Your first focus needs to be on working keywords into your copy artfully not working your copy around your keywords. When your writing is good your target audience doesn't just enjoy your copy, they help you out with some very powerful marketing of their own: word of mouth advertising. The more you focus on quality of your copy, the more people you'll be able to convince.

Fear of Loss: "Fear of Loss" is a technique used by direct marketers to help get more sales in a shorter time period.

When you make your prospects fear loss you will put a deadline on their contemplation period which helps them decide to buy from you sooner instead of later. Nobody really likes to miss out on a good offer/deal, so adding a bit of scarcity to your copy or an element of urgency can definitely be used to polish your sales copy and make your offer even more irresistible to your prospects.

Finally: as you can see, getting the results you want from your sales copy takes a lot of little changes over time, not one big all at once change.

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