Five Steps to Writing Successful Blogs

By Julie Clark Robinson

Sophisticated readers don't hang around long after a catchy headline if the lead doesn't draw them in. As a blog writer, you want people to make it to the end of your entry, right? Here are a few tips to consider once you are happy with your headline:

1. Questions. In polite society, a person never walks away from a question, right? The same can be said for a reader. If you start your blog with a compelling question that deals with your subject matter, you'll likely compel people to read a bit further.

2. Anecdotes. Readers are drawn to writers who share stories about their own lives. Even a 50-word phrase that tells a bit about the writer's experience can draw a reader in to learn more.

3. Create a mental image. As a writer, your job is to create pictures with mere words. If you do so from the very beginning of your blog, your chances of carrying the reader through to your close are much better. Use descriptive language rather than generic. Active verbs are also key in creating pictures. Why use "run" when your character actually "sprinted" to the fiery crash?

4. Let math do part of the work; specifically statistics. You could say that many people prefer orange juice over carrot juice. Or, you could point out that 4 million oranges give their lives every year to make juice versus 100,000 carrots. Math is hard to ignore.

In blog writing, you need to draw readers in, carry them through to the end and then let them go. People expect to get more and more from the time they spend on the internet - and in less and less time. Don't worry about a big wrap-up, just say what you want to say and get out.

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