Five Proven Methods to Drive Traffic to Your website

By Daniel Z. Kane

Without traffic, your website will fail: it's not open to argument. The design can be terrific, your product may be wonderful, and your prices may be low, but none of that matters if nobody visits your site.

That is why website owners spend a large percentage of their time, and often lots of money, on online, print, and electronic advertising.

Instead, try the following.

1. My favorite traffic generating technique is article writing. That's because it works...and it works quickly. The methodology is simple: write a few articles that the kinds of folks likely to visit your site will find interesting. Send them to article distribution websites...there are several services and software tools which make it simple. End each article with an author's box (like mine, below) which includes a link or two to your website. Webmasters in need of content will reprint your article on their sites, and you will gain a link each time they do.

2. Send out emails offering to swap links with other website owners. Target those whose visitors might be interested in your site and those of high quality.

3. One way link building is even better than exchanging links because the search engines are more "impressed" by one way links than reciprocals. If your website is good enough or if you can offer webmasters an e-book, a widget, or something else of value, try for some one way links.

4. Blog. Blog. Blog some more. A post a week would be great. A goal of one post a month should be your absolute minimum. Blog on subjects related to your website, and be sure your blog links to it.

5. Just as website owners need content, so do bloggers. Offer to write guest blogs (followed by an author's box with a description of and link to your site).

6. One of the least utilized traffic generation tools is the press release. Press releases can be picked up by hundreds of websites, giving you hundreds of (almost) instant links. There are several services which will distribute your website (some at no cost) and at least 3-4 pieces of software you can use to get your releases out.

I realize that not everyone can write. If you are "writing challenged", don't despair. You might have to search around awhile, but there are folks who write blog posts and/or articles for less than $10. Press release are generally more, but the cost is not prohibitive. Remember, your potential return for each project can be hundreds of links. And, you know what that means.

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