Effective Copywriting - Writing Your First Piece of Web Copy

By Wendy Smith

Are you just starting out in copywriting? Have you been struggling writing website copy the simplest way you can? If you answered yes, then the article below will be very useful to you.1

It's About Them, Not You: If your copy is all about you rather than your prospect, it will fail to convert. You have to focus on your prospect and understand that it's all about him/her. There is no way that you are going to be able to persuade your prospect to purchase your product if you are simply going to keep bragging about how dazzling your offer is. The first question that your prospect will have in her/her mind when they see your copy is "What's in it for me?"

So you have got to show them what benefit your product offers and how it will also help them. The more effectively you can address this question , the better your copy will convert. It is not the particular product that someone is really purchasing, but the image of it you've created in their mind. They don't buy the features, they buy the advantages. They want results, not an inventory of your accomplishments. So long as you make the most significant benefits plain to them, you have done your most crucial job as a copywriter. Focus on the prospect and use the word "You" more than "Me" or "Us."

Explain Everything in Simple Terms: You never need to make expectations about how much your prospects know about the subject. You are better off presuming folks are new to the topic, so include any topical facts they might need before choosing to buy your product. Don't worry if everything you explain won't be new to everybody. The more obviously you explain everything, the more at ease folk will be about making a purchase. Make everything clear, so they know why they want your product and what they have to do to get it.

Bring Attention to Your Guarantee: One of the main things which will make people read your sales copy and take action is the included guarantee. Here is where you decrease the chance for your prospect. Make them feel confident about placing an order for your product. Let your prospects see that ordering your product is not dangerous. Regardless of if you do not have an intricate guarantee, you will notice your sales increase when you use this approach. Your sales copy should stress that you've a great risk free product that is best for them. One final, but not least important point, is that to make that sale, it is important that you tell your prospects as many of the advantages possible , as the more benefits they know, the more probable the sale.

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