Does a 1st Time Western Author Truly Need a Publisher?

By Wayland Myers

The answer for new, first time writers particularly is, "no". In the present day's writing world, the reality is you will need to take the power into your own hands and work on Self Publishing your book as an ebook,,,,,,, whether or not that be an ebook Western or other idiom. Much more must be explained about how this is done than can be covered in this short article, but in a nutshell, here's a list of some of the roles you can take over and attain yourself that you used to depend a conventional Publisher to play:

The Gate Keeper - Want to discover if your book is good enough to sell to a larger audience? Then offer it for free online, through your internet site, site, site, site, site, site, site, to a limited number of readers and ask for their feedback.

The Editor - It's correct that you shouldn't edit your own work. But there are many freelance editors you can hire for a reasonable rate to help edit your work. It is far cheaper in the long term for you to pay for this service than it'll be after giving a Publisher 90% ownership of your work.

The Book Printer - Producing an e-book is less complicated every day. There are free resources to form PDFs, MOBIs and all the formats you want for iPad, Nook and Kindle e-readers, and there are people who will convert your book as a service.

The Distributor - You do not need to ship your book anywhere. Offering it as a download on your site, or directly from sites like or works extremely well.

The Marketer - If you've a internet site, site, site, site, site, site, site, an author Facebook page, and a mass e-mail service, you have all the tools you need to start promoting yourself. You want somewhere for folk to go to read about you and download your book. Then you want to get out there in the forums and websites that readers of your genre frequent and start talking about your book and pointing them back to your site.

If you suspect it will cost you money and time to self publish, you are correct. But you will give away a lot less of your work than otherwise. And you will get to know your audience, learn things that enhance your writing, and with a little luck start to build a community around your work you can leverage the next time you publish Western novels yourself.

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