Creative Writing Jobs for Fresh Graduates

By Andre Skillet

It is an accepted fact that new graduates would find it hard to get a starting job. Some turn to blue collar jobs that are hardly even related to the college course they've taken. When computed annually, these jobs don't even pay off their college tuition fees. That's why many people have opted to find part time jobs while looking for their dream job. One of the most commonly searched jobs are creative writing jobs. Why? It is because creative writing jobs permit you to be at the comfort of your own home with a very decent pay that you do not normally get as a fresh graduate. So the question is what are the pros and cons of creative writing jobs? Are they more on the positive side of a career starter or a negative part of a brain meltdown?

The Positive Sides of Creative Writing Jobs

For a start, ne of the positive things about creative writing hobs is that you are able to stay comfortably at home while you are doing your work and you can bring your laptop with you if you need to go some place else.

One other great advantage of creative writing jobs is that they pay you well. Unlike other jobs that cannot give you a proper compensation for the effort you are giving, creative writing jobs provide you with a salary exact for the amount and quality of your articles and stories. A lot of times, your boss will give you a salary raise if you do good with your job so there's a possibility that you'll excel from this career.

We can also note down that most of the time, creative writing jobs don't give you so much stress when signing up for the job. Unlike most jobs that require a series of personal interviews and exams, almost always, companies searching for creative writers can transact online with the use of communication programs on the internet. So the nerve wracking and sweat provoking face to face interview is eliminated. With exemptions to creative writing jobs such as in newspapers and magazines that would certainly require you to show up at their office and bring some solid portfolios and such.

The Disadvantages of Creative Writing Jobs

Although rarely happening, one might find it draining to constantly submit articles and stories after another. On some instances there are creative writing jobs that one may find not worth the effort and time as the compensation is enough.

Creative writing jobs are good start for new graduates like you. Some people who are soul searching also discover love in making short stories and blogs about their lives or the lives of people who has touched them. Creative writing jobs are not only about making articles and columns. They also include writing things that touch people.

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