Copywriting for Non-Writers - How to Get Started With It

By Brian Steele

Writing copy for your blog or static site is definitely doable, even if you consider your self to be a bit 'writing challenged.' It is the level of copywriting and what you are writing for that tends to separate the wheat from the chaff. If you are new to the game and online marketing, then this article will be worth your time, definitely.

When people are in the throes of making a buying decision, you can help them tremendously by talking about benefits. One very important idea you need to understand is what is a benefit and what is a feature; they are not the same thing. A feature just lays there and does nothing for the prospect; there is nothing in the person's mind that really knows how to process it. You do not necessarily do any hard selling with copy, but rather you lead them through a little path that lets them see for themselves. So when you're creating your copy you should try to bring out the best benefits of your product and follow up each feature with the benefit. This is the only way you'll be able to convince your prospects about your offer.If you wish to see how promotions using this kind of marketing can rank then check out Deadbeat Revolution.

The simple outline is one of the most powerful writing devices ever devised, and it should be used in some way even for copywriting. This is a practice that will help you immensely when it comes to create a good copy that goes with the flow. The outline is an aid and that is all, but more importantly you should research copywriting to learn something about it. The most effective writing of any kind will be very clearly written, have organization and make sense. Hopefully you will study other sales letters, and when you do write a generic outline that can be tailored to specific offers in the future. One thing you will also definitely need to do is be able to research the topic you will be writing about.I've discovered this article has helped people alter the way they think about projects such as

The most common behavior people engage in with online marketing is quitting. Writing copy for your website is something that requires you to be dedicated towards quality and put in the time/effort to make it work. There will be times when you'll fail to see any good results, but that's when you should be persistent and see to it that you don't give up. Maybe more people do not learn it because it takes so long to do well, and you can use that fact to your advantage.

A solid copywriting education will take you from the very first steps all the way through to the more complex.

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