Copyediting - Correcting Writing Mistakes

By Maicel Ryan

There are times when we have a lot to say, but we don't know how to put them into legible writing. And when we try to write down our ideas, they are frequently not the clearest text there is.

We oftentimes have views that we are sure could benefit a lot of people. Sometimes, we also feel that we have hit the jackpot with our ideas. However, writing them down and getting others to understand it are other matters. To express your thoughts more distinctly to your readers, you need assistance in copyediting.

Copyediting is an editorial process that aids the writer to write his thoughts in a more understandable manner. A copyeditor can edit the grammar and smoothen out the inaccuracies of your text or ad copy. He is also expected to make suggestions on how you can enhance the marketing or promotional aspect of your text by altering a few sentences.

Before the manuscript or article is published, it must go through copyediting first. Copyeditors won't simply check the grammar and spelling. They will also make changes on the text to improve the overall quality of the article without changing the writer's tone and meaning.

Although copyediting is an editorial process just like proofreading, it has its differences. A copyeditor evaluates the whole article or manuscript while it is still in the writing stage. He works closely with the writer to tell him if there are changes that he needs to apply to the structure and style of the article. A proofreader won't be that involved until the article has been typeset already.

Proofreaders won't be involved with improving the article's text and style, he will just mark any spelling, grammar, and typographical errors he sees in the article.

Copyediting is just as critical as the writing process itself. Just imagine if a promotional text has a grammatical error or worse, an uncertain message. It certainly wouldn't make you race to the store to purchase whatever it is selling. At most, it would make you question if the product is really as effective as it claims.

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