Contracts For Huge Public Projects Are Awarded On The Basis Of Invitation To Tender To Ensure Transparency

By Charlie Adams

An effective way of minimizing corrupt practices with regards to construction of big public projects such as development of infrastructure is achieved through awarding such contracts on invitation to tender basis. Such projects often require a huge budget and corrupt practices are often reported hence measures should be put in place to ensure accountability.

There are various public projects that are funded by the government for the benefit of every citizen. Besides construction of infrastructure, other important programs that are designed to benefit the public are also open for tenders. Procurement of basic commodities such as fuel and food are put to tender since these are for the benefit of the public.

The main reasons why such projects open for tenders is that they are funded by the government through the use of money contributed by the taxpayers. Given the state of affairs, there is every reason to ensure accountability such that the money belonging to the public is not abused. In some cases, responsible officials may award tenders to their relatives and this defies the spirit of transparency. The tender system is also utilized by private companies.

Accountability is a virtue when it comes to issues related to public funds whose use is supposed to benefit every member of the public. It is the duty of the municipalities as well as responsible government departments which are in charge of various projects to ensure that they have structures in place that are meant to curb corrupt practices by the responsible authorities.

The other consideration when selecting the appropriate bidder is related to cost. Some companies are very expensive such that the available budget may not be able to cover all expected work to be done. In some cases other companies may be cheap but they are not capable of doing a good job. It is also important to check if all the companies are registered as well as to ensure that all tender procedures are followed.

The use of tenders is very important in a bid to ensure transparency and accountability. Funds raised from the money collected from the tax payers is used to fund such big projects. Responsible officials should ensure that they honestly manage public funds in such a way that everyone will benefit not only a few people.

Tenders are very important with regards to publicly funded projects in a bid to ensure transparency in the use of funds contributed by the tax payers. Invitation to tender strategy is one viable way of ensuring that public funds are put to good use.

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