Article Writers Block Help Tips

By Peter Simpson

Anyone who has been involved with article marketing for any length of time will know that dreaded 'block' can plague us at anytime!

If you are building traffic to your website through article marketing then you will know how vital it is to keep pumping out the goods. I know myself, I don't always feel like writing and sometimes I even run out of ideas, I'm sure you may have experienced this also.

There is no doubt that Google and the other major search engines give more priority to sites that are regularly added to. You get more traffic, faster and higher rankings. Unless you are in a situation to pay an article writer, then you need to take hold and resolve to write one new piece of content every day to get the maximum results. By keeping up this daily routine Google will crawl your site a lot more often and you will see your content being indexed and ranked within the hour. You can check what Google has indexed on your site by using 'site:""' in Google search.

If ever you don't feel like writing an article that day then just imagine the power of having your content indexed and ranked within a minute or so! A good tip for motivation is to keep a check on your Alexa rank. After a time of everyday action you will see your ranking improve several times a week, this will show you that what you are doing is working and keep you motivated!.

I'd also recommend you regularly look for your chosen keywords in the search engines to see how your positions are doing. Make it a weekly thing and not every day! Assuming you are doing everything correctly then you will see that your position in the search results will keep improving. Very motivating!

Set yourself the goal of writing 1 new article each day, write down that goal. If you can, get it done before you start doing any of your leisure activities. Even if you think it's not up to your usual standard, just get it out there, you can always tweak it later. Even if you don't do any keyword research just choose a topic and write. Having a hard time thinking of what to write about? Try keeping your mind open to ideas and search around online for key phrases relating to your niche, I'm sure that you will soon come across something to write an article about.

Focus on why you want to write articles. It's very important to keep focused on the bigger picture, three to six months down the line after consistent writing you will be getting a significant amount of traffic to your website which is going to put your business into success mode. Once you have met your traffic goals it's time to sit back and watch your business grow. Article marketing is a long term strategy and will reward you for years to come.

Have you heard the phrase 'Rome wasn't built in a day' You can liken your business online to this saying.

Short time pain for long term gain

Take the challenge with me and write 1 new article every day for the next 8 weeks.

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