Article Submission Software- Is it really Helpful?

By Adam Jacob

Many of you almost certainly already know that article marketing can definitely be the best way to promote your online business. The greatest problem with this kind of marketing is the time it can take to create the articles and also to submit them to article directories along with other websites. But these submissions can be carried out by using article submission services which can be found on the Internet. This is the reason we decided to take a closer look at the "Submit Your Article" program.

For people who are oblivious, there are article submission services on the Internet but when choosing one, you want to make sure that they have got certain features. A few of these features that you will want to be looking for are the capacity to create multiple pen names, the opportunity to submit unique articles to all the sites and the ability to publish the articles in the future. These characteristics are all covered with this program and below we will be going through the importance of having these features in your article submission service.

Pen names can in fact be a huge feature and here we will explain to you why this is important. I am certain you are in a lot more than one niche as an Internet marketer, the majority of marketers don't limit themselves to simply one niche. And you need to be able to advertise yourself as a professional in each niche. The issue with just using the very same name for every niche is that people will see this, so if your claiming to be an expert in a range of niches men and women will be able to figure out that your not an expert and your just working to make a sale. If for every niche your in you utilize a different name to publish the articles under, it is possible to market yourself as being an expert in every single niche. The actual "Submit Your Article" system enables you to generate as many pen names as you may need.

The following thing that this program provides is the capability to submit different versions of your articles to the sites in their network. By being in a position to submit content articles in this manner will help you to stay away from Google's duplicate content rule. Google may even provide more power to the links because they're coming from unique content. Distributing duplicate content on multiple web sites is a Google no no, and the links that you do end up building will not be worth much at all, if anything. This should clarify why unique content material is so much better to use than just a plain article.

One of the other keys to proper article promotion is to be able to trickle your articles online, which you can do with this program, this way Google won't see hundreds or perhaps thousands of links appearing in one day. If you end up getting all these backlinks at one time there is a very good chance that Google will catch on and end up sand boxing your site.

Overall this really is a terrific way to get your content and your links published on many different websites. If you actually want to get a better search engine position you must realize that you need links from all different websites and this system will assist you to achieve that.

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