Article Marketing Service: Tip For Selecting A Provider

By Paul Hamm

Article writing is one of the best SEO strategies but distributing it to give you the desire result is another thing althoghter. The different providing sites article marketing services are in their tens of thousand on the web most are just waste of time and resources.

The starting point is to check over the internet for the most well know article directories. Easily the most use and well know over the web is The most popular article directories do not limit the amount of article that can be submitted and they don't charge for the submission of those articles.

The major search engines should easily be able to locate your posted articles. It implies that your articles should be accessible to people by typing in certain keywords into the search engines. If this doesn't happen, it makes no sense to submitting articles as nobody will locate it.

Some article marketing providers also provide additional service of helping you to post to other site for a fee. This is beneficial, if those are high traffic sites. To know if a high traffic site is by checking the site at Alexa.

Alexa monitors website traffic. If the names of the sites they will promote it are not that popular, don't waste your money signing up with them.

The article service provider must have the ability to reach your target population with the article you will give for distribution. For this reason it is important that you choose the right category when submitting. Also the article service provider must have a mechanism for reviewing category chosen, so as to ensure that articles are in the right category. If they can't do this thing better not use them.

Know if the article marketing service provider will edit the article. Most will not since this is meant to be your intellectual property it is only fair if you alone can edit it. Those that not ready to do the work of editing can pass over this right. Some service provider will even go as far as translating the article into other languages. These provide the additional benefit of reaching people in other countries and speak another language. This naturally translates to more sales become of the wider reach.

Ensure that your article marketing service provider use the same keyword to promote your article. This is important as not everyone subscribes to information from the article marketing service provider that you have chosen.

The ideal article marketing service provider should be able to acknowledge the fact when you upload articles and when these have been approved. This will tell you right away if what you have written is already available for people to see or if some changes need to be made. Again, if they can't do that you are better off working with another provider than can do everything that was mentioned in this article.

Ensure that only service providers that your success is paramount to them are those you work with. Since your relationship with them is meant to benefit both parties by you providing free content and them advertising on webpage where your content appear. Just following the guidelines mentioned in this article will save you time and ensure that you are not scammed.

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