Are You Puzzled About The Mundane LIfe Of An Expedition Hero Between Stories?

By Erin Richards

More than simply giving off a threatening persona, Dirk Pitt is also a gentleman with a massive sense of intrigue. A hero to all who know him, Pitt manages to keep his humorous character under extreme measures. Expertly flying both fixed wing and rotary aircraft as a skilled armed forces pilot, Pitt has received many commendations for his heroism. A Senator's child and a dad of twins with a taste for collecting classic cars; Dirk still manages to find time to unwind with a little tequila with lime and salt.

As much as a continued traveler can have roots, Dirk Pitt makes his home on the grounds of the Washington National Airport in an old remodeled aviation hanger. On a typical drive to work at the National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA) where Pitt is in control, he probably gets the opportunity to reflect on plenty of the sites that other neighbors take for granted when they live in Washington, D.C.

As the head of NUMA, while simply on his way to work Dirk can admire all the many stone figures and tributes in his area; lots of the same sites that visitors from across the world visit Washington, D.C. To experience and explore. Simply to cite a couple of these sights, we have the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, and the Memorial to World War II. He also passes by the Capitol, the National Mall, and Georgetown University not to mention CIA main headquarters the Pentagon and the White House.

But of all the many sights Pitt sees, Arlington National Cemetery is always the most meaningful to him being the location where fellow comrades might have been interred. A close runner-up would be the United States Air Force Memorial, taking into account he is a graduate of the U. S. Air Force Academy.

In his daily endeavors at NUMA to help preserve and explore the planet's seas and many shipwrecks, Dirk Pitt remains a complex man composed from many various characteristics and interests. He embraces the fragile joining of advanced technologies with time-honoured values. Dirk always maintains his deep appreciation for all of the sacrifices fellow soldiers have made to make this country possible. Together, his appreciation for what they represent along with his own national loyalty continues to drive Dirk Pitt's zeal to guard life as we know it at any cost; whether it's an individual or a whole population.

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