The Way to Make $1500 A Month When You're Just Starting Out As A Freelance Writer

By Brent Hale

If you are thinking about how you can start making some extra cash by writing online, or want to take up freelance writing as a career, I've got some information that might be beneficial to you. No, this won't be a detailed guide that you can use to get filthy rich overnight. Instead, I'm going to give you the steps I took to gain success, and I'm positive that, if you follow my advice, you will have a good idea of the mentality you must have in order to start earning an income by freelance writing on the internet.

It was about six months when I decided that I needed a change of scenery. I made the decision right then and there that, for the rest of my life, I would only work on the terms that I made for myself. The important thing was that I meant it. Now I'm not against the nine to five lifestyle and, in fact, I think that the people who live that way are the most important asset of this country. However, that lifestyle wasn't working for me and I needed a change. I thrive when I have some freedom and I knew that I couldn't work well if someone was constantly looking over my shoulder. So, I came to the conclusion that, even though I didn't know where to start making money as a writing, I would do anything it took to make it become a reality.

I didn't have a degree in writing and I had very little experience with the way things worked. But, it didn't matter. I knew I'd have to start out writing cheap-paying articles and that if I produced quality work, I could come across better paying opportunities. The amount I was going to get paid and how long I spent writing didn't matter to me... I was, without-a-doubt, confident that I had the ability to get to where it was that I wanted to go. It didn't matter what happened, I was going to find a way to make freelance writing work for me. And this attitude I had was probably the best thing I had going for me early in my career. You have to have faith. You have to realize that you are going to find success in your undertaking and you HAVE to be prepared to hurdle the obstacles that get in your way. For the first time in my life, I knew what it was going to take to become successful...

In the first month I busted my ass writing 14 hours a day, writing 500 word articles for $3 a piece. Looking back now, it was kind of brutal, but I didn't even notice. It was so exciting to me, I was actually making money! My enthusiasm to write blurred my vision to how badly paying this website really was. I think enthusiasm is also very important in any undertaking you do in your life. Here's the bottom line, you're never going to find a job where every little second is amazing and you love everything about it. However, by being enthusiastic, you can leap over those inconveniences that accompany any work you do.

So, as my attitude and faith in knowing that I would make it as a successful freelance writer, provided my support, I began searching for better opportunities. About one month after deciding to start freelance writing, I came across a site that was in beta testing. I figured that if this site was just starting, maybe I'd have a chance to get on something that would turn out to be more lucrative down the road. At first, the work available on the site was non-existent. In fact, in the first month writing for the new site, I had only written one article and it was on a topic that I knew NOTHING about. But I got paid $11.50 for completing it. (During that time period I continued writing my $3 articles to give me something to fall back on.) About a month later, I grabbed a couple more assignments on the same topic. With each assignment I took, I made sure that I was producing the best work I possibly could.

From the time I signed up to write on the new site, I had a really good feeling that something good was going to come from it. I'm not exactly sure what it was. After writing a few articles on the subject I knew very little about, I got a message from one of the editors. She asked me if I could take on more work, and of course, I said that I would. This was my first big break. (To be honest, I've only had a couple of 'big breaks' in my short freelance writing career... but it's awesome to say 'my first' because I am planning on having a ton more 'breaks' as I progress.) So, after letting her know that I would be thrilled to take on more assignments, I began getting a consistent stream of work on the subject I knew little about. However, as I kept writing, my knowledge on the topic began to grow. And whenever they asked if I could write more, I ALWAYS said yes.

As I look back at my life now, I realize there was a lot of jobs that I could have excelled at. However, I never wanted to take on anything else, or go above and beyond what was required of me. With this writing thing, I was willing to say yes to ANYTHING that came my way... and that's exactly what I did.

As the work kept piling in from my one client, I became more and more efficient. After about two months, I was making about $1500 a month writing for them. Now, there's a lot of people out there making a lot more than $1500 a month and that's awesome for them, because that's what I want. But $1500 now, from where I was six months ago, might as well be a billion dollars. I didn't know how I was going to make money... not even the slightest clue. All I had was faith and enthusiasm.

About two weeks ago I got my second 'big break'. I had just completed an assignment and I had an idea I wanted to bring up with my client. So, I did. The next a day I got a message from the client asking me to send her an email. After I emailed her, she told me that she needed a single writer to write a bunch of articles and form a database for a new client of their company. And, although it wasn't the idea that I proposed to her it was an even better opportunity to further my career. The assignments I would be getting would pay four times as much as I was currently making. Without hesitation, as you can imagine, I accepted the offer gladly.

It's incredible to me to see what happens when you take a chance. You MUST take chances if you want to find success. Sure, what I pitched wasn't considered, however, I was given a far better opportunity than I currently had. And that was HUGE.

So, to go back over the things that have allowed me to find success in my first six months as a freelance writer, I think the most important are: have faith, be enthusiastic and take chances when they are there.

I believe that no matter what kind of undertaking you come across in your life, be it a freelance writer, business owner, or food eating champion, those three things will always help you be successful. They are definitely how I've gone from nothing to something in such a short amount of time and they are definitely how I will continue to grow.

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