Tune Into Any Of These TV Programs

By Harry Pelham

There are a growing number of people who think that TV is now a no brainer and all programs are the same, with a lack of taste and morals. Ok, there will be some shows that are purely there for entertainment, but valuable life lessons can still be learn from some. We'll look at a few of those now.

The first one is Psych; this is a networked crime drama which I think is great fun. A guy who's memory is photographic and wits are razor sharp passes himself off as a psychic to solve mysteries and crimes.

This show keeps me very entertained and also gets my deductive juices flowing. This is a show that really gets you using your brain.

Jo Frost is the Super Nanny, who goes to different homes in the UK and the US to help parents cope with their kids who are, quite frankly, monsters. It is on weekly on ABC and re run daily on the Style network.

Jo is a British nanny who has had to deal with many horrors in her time and now educates parents how to deal with issues coolly and calmly. No parent is perfect, but she points them in the right direction.

If you like shows that deal with self improvement, you will love How do I look? and What not to wear. These get people who look like they got their clothes out of a dumpster and transform them into fashionable, well dressed individuals, thus raising their opinions of themselves.

In a perfect world you would never judge people by how they looked, but our world is anything but perfect. If teaching these people how they should be dressed improved their lives, then I'm all for it!

If I can be entertained and educated at the same time, I'm very happy. I get both of these from all the CSI shows, NCIS and Law and Order. They show behind the scenes of our legal system as well as dealing with moral and ethical dilemmas. No subject is taboo, however disturbing.

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