Tried and True Methods of Book Promotion

By Richard Willows

You need a balanced promotion strategy to market your self-published book. Developing such a plan will help your book gain market recognition and produce revenue. Historically, implementing a marketing campaign required a large budget. But, if you are willing to do some of the footwork yourself, there are things effective things you can do with limited dollars.

"Value" marketing doesn't have to mean second rate. Here are six examples:

- Turn to the Internet. It has leveled the playing field for millions, and it can do the same for you. Join a variety of online discussion groups and talk about your book. Book lovers frequent those sites and are frequently excited to gain access to an author. Some web sites post book critiques on the net. There is no reason your can's write your own book review--as long as you are honest about it. One author used to begin all her reviews with, "I'd like to tell you about the best book I've written lately." You may also invite others on the site to review your book. This allows you the opportunity to both rate and promote your book simultaneously.

- Another cost-effective way to promote your book is to show up at writers' conventions, conferences, and other activities. Just make sure that you would have business cards with you and with you containing contact and outlets where your book can purchased. You can also organize book talks, both large and small. Dialogue with colleges and libraries, or host readings, literary activities and book signings. You can even organize a block party and become known as the neighborhood's published author. The important things it to put yourself out there.

- Create a simple press release. It should include a description of your book, your contact information and a list of places where your book can be published. Also be sure to prepare it in a such a way that will draw the curiosity of different media outlets.

- Do not overlook that word spreads quickly through friends and relatives. Ask your inner circle to read your book and provide a paragraph or two of feedback. Explain that you value their opinions and that their honest assessments will help you to be an even better writer on future projects.

- Don't ignore the power of your budding celebrity. Once people see and hear you on a few television and radio interviews or read about you in the newspaper, they will want to know you. Enlist their help in promoting your book, but be careful not to let your head be turned by the attention.

Successful book promotion takes time and persistence. It's not a get rich quick scheme, but could be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life both personally and professionally.

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