Tips To Become A Better Writer

By Scott Busby

There are two kinds of people in this world-writers and speakers. Writing and speaking are the two forms of communication. Every person will have to master at least one form in order for you to effectively express yourself to other people. This article will explore the certain tips that will help you become a better writer.

Move yourself to write.

Do you remember in high school when you couldn't bear yourself to write a 500-word essay on "biofuels"?

You can't expect yourself to be ecstatic to write about something you don't understand or even know to begin with. In order for you to feel motivated enough to pick up a paper and a pen, you need to pick a topic that moves you into writing.

If you feel strongly about your topic, you will be more enthusiastic and excited to write. Eventually, you will be able to write an essay on anything and everything under the sun as long as you do a little research, but while you're still on the process of honing your writing skill start with topics that will motivate you.

Just Keep Writing

When you're on the process of completing your essay, you should refrain from editing your work.

Although it's never wrong for you to edit your essay, you should refrain from doing so at the same time that you are writing. You should not interrupt yourself from thinking of new ideas and putting those ideas on paper. It's just the same thing as not interrupting someone who is the middle of saying something. At the same time, editing right away will make you more vulnerable to missing a few mistakes.

Editing is, nevertheless, important but you'll be able to make a better job of it if you finish your entire essay and take a short walk or eat a little snack before editing.


In order for you to improve your writing skills, you need to write, write and then write some more.

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