Stop Cold Calling and Learn How to Generate Financial Sales Leads

By Miguel Pancardo

Have you ever been sitting down having a conversation or dinner with your family when the telephone starts to ring? You answer the phone just to hear a salesman on the other end trying to convince you to change your long distance provider or to buy a funeral plot. With anger you tell the salesman to remove your name from whatever list he is using. While slamming the phone down you are praying he got the message and won't call again. That salesman is cold calling. He somehow got your name and phone number, usually having purchased it from a company that had it because you signed up for something. The salesman is calling your number with hopes of selling you whatever he's offering. This exact scenario happens frequently when salespeople resort to cold calling. They get used to being called nasty names, cussed at, and being hung up on. Even with all the abuse a salesman takes, he keeps plugging away, calling total strangers with the hope that at least one of them will say yes.

This is by no means the best way to gather financial sales leads. Instead, you should be using Internet marketing. With Internet marketing, customers find you instead of you finding them. A customer is more likely to buy what your site is selling if they are interested in what you are offering. The chances of selling your product or service will increase exponentially when customers are already interested in buying it. If you want to learn how you can bring interested buyers to your website so you can gather those much needed financial sales leads, you'll be please to hear that it's not difficult at all. It does however require real dedication and some time.


SEO translates to Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the use of specific techniques that will bring your website to the front page of the search engines or even to the top of the results page. This is accomplished by selecting certain keywords and placing the keywords strategically on the pages of your website, normally with informative articles or interesting blog entries. For example, if you have a website that you use to sell e-books on the subject of financial planning, you'll carefully choose keywords that are relevant such as "how to make money online", "make money", and "money". When a person enters one of these words into a search engine, the idea is to have your site show up on the first page of the search engine results. Next, the searcher clicks on your site, sees what you're offering and likes it. Next, they buy your product or service. This commonly happens when potential customers search for what you are offering. This is definitely better than making cold calls to complete strangers who probably aren't looking for what you're offering. This is the reason that many of today's top salespeople are implementing these techniques and generating more financial sales leads than ever.

SEO is always evolving. There's article marketing, keyword density, pay-per-click, back links, and more. Study up on SEO, and you'll see your business really take off. Stop using the cold calling techniques of the past. Start bringing your customers to you and finally get those financial sales leads you've been looking for.

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