So What's the Fuss About Blogging?

By Jeff DeCleff

Where once there were limited opportunities for publishing articles now there is a flood. With the growth of the Net comes the development of the Blog - the likelihood for any person with an agenda to scribe their thoughts, feelings, issues, rants and raves to the sphere of individuals that make up their sub group.

This world sphere is no longer restricted to school buddies or interest groups within a set locale, but an international audience who may StumbleUpon and Digg your creative views delivering ever growing networks to raise your social voice, your platform.

Therefore , it is not surprising that social media communities like Facebook and Twitter are successful; as new generations of creative budding authors come to the front expecting to generate their own platform the pull of this virtual arena of broadcasting seems limitless.

There are plenty of promises of wealth (affiliate internet marketing, graphical ads, paid guest blogs) to bait the unwary. Yet the realms of actual and virtual are colliding with countless bloggers, social media executives, and other online specialist roles filling the job advertisements. Normal companies are welcoming the new age technology, looking to hook right into the online broadcasting audience and see these up-and-coming virtual socialites as a profitable investment for gaining traction in the online world.

Actually online is here for good - at least while we still have electricity (otherwise we might have to resort to smoke signals and accept a far more local audience). But with the online culture comes the loss of normal limits, no longer are we country based, but Like based. We are branded together by groups, pages and supporters instead of nationalities, races and sex.

The fuss of blogging is just that - the chance to add commentary to this virtual world. Sure bloggers may be a bit raw, may not follow the company line but that is the fuss, it's social views without the editor, not reactive to the company policy but a personal view. It's the chance to voice an opinion - but like the surfeit of stories media, discovering which blogs are good sources of information becomes the most difficult task for the instant future.

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