Should You Write Free Content Or Not?

By Edison Standfield

I've heard many real writers vigorously and adamantly say that writing for free is a NO-NO. Since when? As a beginning writer, I listened to & followed this advice, accepting it as the truth. Quite frankly, between you & me, it's a stack of bull.

I am an out of the box writer & I say writing for free or love is a YES-YES. In case you've gotten out of the custom of writing, this will likely prime your pump, so to speak. You'll get those squeaky wheels turning, apply some oil (writing), & before you know it, you'll be steaming along in no time at all.

I'm not advising that you must write for free eternally. What I am saying is that on occasion we are inclined to overlook the joy we used to get from writing just for the love of it.

I think all writing, whether you are writing for free or writing for compensation, is all good. I also think you need a solid measure of both. Should you write for pay, then you understand how stressful & arduous the whole process is. It gets totally overwhelming sometimes. Writing because of the sheer love of writing permits you to be innovative & write what you're passionate about.

Writers ought to write and submit to article sites. There are numerous reasons:

You'll get lots of practice writing.

You will set a writing goal and witness it come to fruition, that will encourage you to go higher on your next desired goals.

You'll discover ways to write a compelling bio for your posts.

Have a website? Your bio will compel and magnetize new site visitors.

You will also build up trust.

You will also learn how to write to command a visitor to wait and browse.

On the house advertising for yourself! What is better than that?

You'll set yourself up as an authority in what you are writing about. And this also visitors will pay you for good content in the future.

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