Public Speaking Is Humans History And Future

By Georgia Crow

Public speaking and it's history is thought to be as old as human existance. Hundreds of years ago or even thousands according to history books there have been public speakers. It is thought that public speaking is a huge part of our development.

It is interesting to know that public speaking has almost been handed down to us from our ancestors. In the olden days chiefs and well respected members of the community would pass down information through story telling to the younger generations.

You may find it interesting to know that legend has it that the ancient Egyptians even wrote passages on public speaking, you could call it a manual.

Throughout history, whatever country you were in you would have found evidence of public speaking.

You may not know that public speaking really came about in the form that we know it in the year 300 BC by a man called Demosthenes from Athens. He has a passion for public speaking yet he was also held back because of his speech impediment.

What makes him even more well known is that he cured his speech impediment by putting pebbles in his mouth while he would recite text. After several weeks of doing this it somehow helped him to sound normal and cure his impediment. He was so passionate about speaking that he wouldn't let a little problem stand in his way.

Now you may not know this but some experts say that the best way to cure your fear of public speaking is to just get up there and do it. After some time it will become second nature to you and having all those eager ears listening to you will fill you with passion to do it more.

Probably the two most famous public speakers to come from America are Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln. In fact Martin Luther King could be considered the most famous speaker of all time with his "I have a dream" speech.

At any point in time in human history there have been great speakers. Let's not forget the great Winston Churchill who delivered not one but several famous speeches.

So as you can see speaking in public is a past time for the entire human race that will hopefully continue for thousands of years to come.

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