The PicoTurbine Company Kits Help Our Youth Learn About Green Energy

By Darrel Wite

The PicoTurbine Company Kits Educate Our Kids About Green Energy

Among the bigger challenges of the green living movement is education. A company called The PicoTurbine Company is trying to teach our youngsters. What may be the best way to teach children on the value of alternative energy production is with the hlep of PicoTurbine Company's kits, books, and projects. These things are developed to try to convince young people who will develop the environment they will inherit. Their chief goal is to get kids excited about the advancement of renewable energy sources. Being educated on green energy is a great place to begin for a better future.

One of the main ideas of the PicoTurbine Company is that people will learn more if they get involved in the process. The kits the company creates are designed to get young people involved in a variety of learning situations through hands-on projects. The company's specialty is wind energy so they present how to create heat with the help of a picture wire as the heating element. The project teaches people that wind energy is really capable of generating heat for a home.

Another activity is having a class split into several groups and have them construct wind turbines. They can compare their respective turbines to determine which ones produce the most electricity, which one needs the least wind power, or which ones look the best. PicoTurbine has a course of study that they would like for teachers to give to their students. It includes alternative energy sources that are renewable, such as solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, and biomass, together with their own, energy generated by the wind.

Dependence on oil coming from nations who are not our allies can decrease when people start making use of alternative energy sources. Using alternative energy is getting more and more cost-efficient. PicoTurbine Company points out that many wind energy facilities and solar panels have become commercial successes. The cost per-watt of photovoltaic cells has gone from about $1000 to merely $4 in the last two decades, and is forecast to be just $1 by the year 2015.

One more area that they are trying to teach is the cost of fossil fuels on the environment and the harm that it is causing. It's been proven that the burning of fossil fuels causes serious health consequences. Asthma attacks, allergies and increase in cancer are all consequences of increased utilization of fossil fuels. Our world would be greatly healped with regular use of clean sources of energy. It's fantastic that the PicoTurbine Company is trying to do everything it can to make it materialize.

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