How Much Can You Make If You Write Articles?

By Richard Horowitz

It would largely depend on the person who owns the website when determining how much you can make as an article writer who also submits affiliate links. It varies from person to person and on the success of the person's website. This means getting good search engine rankings through SEO efforts, making your site enjoyable and informative to read through engaging content, building your site around a great niche subject, how big your site is, and how many sites you have.

Get this - there are some people who claim an annual income of $120,000 a year, or $10,000 a month generated through their niche sites, but while this may be true, these people are usually grizzled veterans who have acquired numerous skills through the years. A more reasonable estimate would be $500 to $1,000 monthly, and that is only if you work hard at what you do, which means exerting effort to gain traffic, find good affiliate sites and drive targeted traffic to your own niche site. However this is recurring income, so you will make that much monthly off of the efforts you put into that one site, it is not a one shot deal.

After you have a successful site, most choose to continue to build niche sites. The more sites that you build, the better an income you can generate. Some also choose to build very fast and very short sites over sites that are slightly longer in length. It should be noted that the larger each of your sites are, the more income you will likely generate off of them.

If you're a rookie in building niche sites, you will for sure experience your share of growing pains, but just like easy-to-learn activities like riding a bike, it is really difficult at first but not something everybody is cut out for. You may even lose some money with your first site, but if you keep on going and understand that it was a risk well taken, you should more than make up for that as you get better.

The important thing is that you don't give up without a good shot at it, if this is really what you want to do. You may spend sleepless nights crafting your first site until you're just about ready to lose your mind. Don't waste your potential and quit without giving yourself a fair shot at it. You just might regret having missed out on a chance to be a big Kahuna in the world of Internet marketing!

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