Ethan Hawke's Best Performances In Recent Memory

By Alex Hamilton

Plain and simple, Ethan Hawke is one of the more interesting actors in the movie industry. I wouldn't call him reclusive, but you don't really hear about him unless he has a movie coming out. Imagine if all actors were this way. When you do hear about him, however, it's usually because his movie is getting good (or bad) reviews.

Let's take a look at some of Ethan Hawke's best movies from throughout the years.

One movie that I will reluctantly put on this list is Before The Devil Knows You're Dead. Talk about a tough movie to watch. This is a really messed up movie that stars Ethan Hawke and Philip Seymour Hoffman. If you can handle it, check it out.

Another movie that I am inclined to include on this list is Alive. This movie is based on a true story of a South American rugby team who get lost in the mountains after their plane crashes. They must resort to extreme measures to survive.

One movie that I really liked was Daybreakers. This vampire movie came out recently and departs from other movies in the genre, as it takes place in a future where humans are going extinct. Pretty interesting concept.

There is no way to make a list of Ethan Hawke's best roles without including a Richard Linklater movie. For me, it is Before Sunset. This movie is of course the follow up to Before Sunrise and chronicles Hawke's character revisiting Paris after almost 15 years to reconnect with his one time love.

The last movie to make the cut for me is Gattaca. If you enjoy science fiction movies, then Gattaca is a must see. This film also stars Jude Law and Uma Thurman.

There is no doubt after going through Ethan Hawke's best films that there have been some outstanding ones.

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