American PSYOPS: Body Language and Hypnotic Cues

By Clark O'Hara PhD.

In face to face communication the novice will often focus on the content of the conversation and draw conclusions from what is said and future action is based off of the closure stimulant at the end of the conversation. The vocabulary used during the conversation is open to interpretation based off of the educational and geographic characteristics of the communicators therefore the success or failure of dialogue cannot be defined with a broad stroke.

Body language analysis has become a compulsory for global military, interrogation, political oriented negotiations and economics. True experts in this field are few but fortunately there have been several books published on the basics of body language elucidation to bring this hidden strategy to the forefront of general corporate and consumer manual accessibility.

Gregory Hartly and Maryann Karinch's book, 'I Can Read You Like a Book: How to Spot the Messages and Emotions People Are Really Sending With Their Body Language' reads just like the title, long, redundant and drawn out but still works as a solid entry course in all things body language. The book obviously targets more of a blue collar crowd interested in the psychological concepts without the overly technical intricacies that would be in a more intellectual guide within this category of 'how to' books. The target audience for this text would be law enforcement, community college psychology students and those in economic transition seeking a quick enhancement to their resume for a soon to be job search.

On the video education side of the spectrum is UK based Robert Phipps. Phipps offers a ten part downloadable educational series that is perfect for the more intellectual consumer in the C-level executive, legislative and professional executive genre. These videos are in the 40 to 60 minute range and though very informative are very poorly produced.

Each segment are visually grainy and the audio is lacking yet the information covers many concepts that offer the viewer instant capability for execution from body positioning for public speakers to how to step in to a superior position starting with the handshake. The information in this course is a must for someone who is in an industry where communication and the ability to dissect the undertone of a conversation's nonverbal patterns is needed. My advice on this one is to download the videos, close your eyes and just listen; the video quality will hinder your ability to stay focused but the content is amazing.

On the actual execution side there are very few consultants that are trusted by world powers for their expertise within this industry. There is a gargantuan chasm between the party concepts of body language and the intellectual precision and almost alchemical skillset that is so all encompassing that world leaders will call on them for their capabilities. I was in Ukraine attending a lecture at Taras Shevchonko National University of Kyiv and walked in a little late but a video was playing about American economist James Scott. Scott, from what I understand is not an author but has been labeled as a Rogue Economist that takes a unique approach to working with international legislatures for localized and global economic turnaround and revitalization implementation. Several things stood out in this video that was narrated by a retired psychologist of US Military PSYOPS. First, the video brought viewers in with a song from Massive Attack and rapper Mos Def called 'I Against I'.

The video was produced by a team that obviously understood the art of visual and auditory stimulation, subliminal persuasion, and fascination triggers for post hypnotic cues. In short, the video talked about James Scott and his ability to watch a crowd, mob of people or individual and absorb all elements that act as contributors to the primal brain/subconscious pressure points and in a matter of minutes can build a psychological profile so accurate he can typically give the parental background, current occupation and marriage status of his target within minutes of his first observation. With a completed profile he is able to guide political powers on the best points of entry into the subconscious activation mechanisms of their constituencies when dealing with a crisis, crime wave, political debacle and of course economic situations that involve the need to accelerate results for turnaround procedures.

With a solid comprehension of the target's triggers he then implements strategies to begin delivering cues to the populace and the end result is shocking. This is the cheapest economic stimulus plan a region can introduce and the longest lasting without the stress of imposing implementation but instead Scott shows governing bodies how to gently guide the population to a predictable outcome through a series of association techniques that cater to the primal brain region of the subconscious. I very much doubt that a book by James Scott will be coming out anytime soon as his client roster is loaded with every major governmental supremacy that has a grip on international commerce. His privacy is protected and his arrogance is fed by the massive need but limited access to his almost exclusive skill set but you can research him and his company Princeton Corporate Solutions with relative ease online or your local university.

US military PSYOPS division has studied propaganda warfare techniques similar but not quite as evolved as James Scott's in the defense industry but with material collateral in the form of WW II pamphlet drops to TV commercials within a conflict area that tug on the emotion of the civilian to be open to friendly Western forces within their town. Verbal communication will only tell ten percent of the story but the truth lies in the physical actions of the target during an event or conversation and the ability to use this information to program the subconscious mind of the target with a solid, predictable 'cue triggered' action button. These are the keys that are vital to establishing a position of dominance and strength by those in a position of influence.

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