Advance Review - The Secret of the Nagas

By Frank Tips

The Secret of the Nagas is the second part in the critically acclaimed Shiva Trilogy written by the Indian author, Amish. The first part, The Immortals of Meluha, was first published in 2010 and instantly became a runaway success. Amish is now back with the second part of this mythical trilogy, releasing in mid August, hoping to repeat the same magical performance once again.

The Secret of the Nagas takes off from where the first part ended with mystical Naga warrior abducting the princess Sati and killing Shiva's friend. This forms the major crux of the story and the story will revolve around Shiva rescuing his love, avenging his friend's death and more importantly, finding out about the secret of the nagas.

Amish will once again look at creating the same magic of mythology and history mixed together to form a pot-boiler of a plot and a tale of love and lies. Will the reader see the 2 clans unite to fight a common enemy or will be see truth being vanquished by all the evil around it?

Also, we will hope to see Shiva in a newer and stronger light as he continues his journey towards becoming the Mahadev or the lord of lords. We will bear witness to the turmoil within Shiva as he attempts to fight the demons in his mind and come to terms with the destiny chosen for him.

As done with the last book, Amish will make sure that a lot of pre-publicity takes place before the launch and most of this will be through social networks and online forums. The cover of the secret of the nagas is out now and is as catchy as the last one, if not more. And I'm sure that the author will come out with a trailer film like he did last time to create more hype around the same.

The first part in the series was a little light with the language and some critics panned it as saying it was childish and flashy. This time though, Amish will have gone an extra length to satisfy all those critics. Hopefully, we will be introduced to some new characters who will bring alive The Secret of the Nagas and keep the story ticking at a good pace.

As is expected, the hype around The Secret of the Nagas is such that it is expected to become a best-seller for sure. However, as of now, the book is not on sale and is expected to release sometime in the middle of August. However, one can pre-order the same through various online bookstores.

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1 Response to "Advance Review - The Secret of the Nagas"

  1. The second one of the trilogy, this book continues to excel. The secret of the Nagas is also a page turner like the first one. But, blunders started to come in, as author glorifies the technological growth at the time of the story. Have to say that, some assumptions/imaginations the author have put in is too wild to even read in a fiction book. LIke - scientiests know how to work nuclear fusion and fission, but don't know about the metal Iron ...

    But, those things can be forgotten, as the book is a real page turner. Well done. :)