3 Best Tips For the Toast At The End of Your Best Man Speech

By Jason Crawford

Being asked to be the best man for your best friend is an honor regardless if it's a nerve racking occasion for you. The groom thinks more of you then anyone else to ask you to be with him when he marries the woman of his dreams. He's not thinking about the best man speech you have to stand and deliver at the reception. You should also include a toast at the end for the happy couple. Use these tips to create your toast at the end of your speech

The first part of the best man speech really should be about the bride and groom, filled with anecdotes about the groom and how he has influenced your life. Be sure nothing comes out that will upset the bride on her wedding day. Your best man speech should really be about you and the groom and touch a little bit on how the bride has made the groom's life happier.

Don't forget the duties of the best man in thanking everyone and introducing all the speakers. You are, after all, the master of ceremonies. You control the show until the groom's speech, so do the best you can. Your toast for the bride and groom comes at the end of your best man speech. There's more to it than wishing them well. You have to think about the toast, use some creativity, and some ingenuity for the toast. Remember, that most of the guests including the bride and groom, have heard a lot of toasts throughout their lives, so yours will have to be unique.

Whatever you do don't copy someone else's toast unless if fits the bill. That means use your creativity to create a toast that does more than wish them well in their marriage. Use your knowledge of the bride and groom to put the toast in the proper context. Write your toast out filling in highlights that will touch their hearts. Don't worry if the toast is sentimental or not. Best man speeches are known for their humor and heartfelt feelings. If you don't show your feelings any other time do it during your best man speech.

Use your own experiences at the end of your best man speech to give the bride and groom some advice about their marriage. If you have to, use some note cards with keywords to remember what you want to cover. It's not a good time to stutter over words during your best man speech. If you practice it before hand you'll do very well.

Ask a trusted friend for feedback on your toast and use the feedback to better your toast. When you give your toast and your best man speech, stand up straight, speak clearly, raise your glass high and give the toast. Don't worry about emotions, just take a deep breath, and try again. After all, you do wish them well, don't you?

Don't drink too much that you can't remember your speech and use your note cards with your keywords on them. Don't write out your best man speech word for word. You'll end up reading it. Remember, note cards are for notes, not for your whole best man speech.

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